Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Gift Card Holder

I procrastinated the teacher gifts again this year, so this morning I needed to come up with something while trying to get the kids out the door. I settled on giving the gymnastics teacher a gift card, so I made this little matchbook gift card holder in about 10 mintues using some scraps.


1- glue two strips of paper about 3" x 9" together back to back (or use double sided card stock)

2- create folds 3" from top and 7" from top. Trim about 3/4" off bottom

3- glue both side edges of short flap and staple bottom edge to create pocket for gift card

4- use a sticker or strip of paper to cover staples

5- glue punched circle on, gluing only the bottom half to create closure to tuck flap in

6- embellish as desired

Here is how mine came out in 10 minutes or less...

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