Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photo Matchbooks - ***Updated***

*Finally with photos!*

Three days without power has set me back on some of my holiday projects, but I was glad to be back home and able to create tonight. I just made the cutest little project for a Secret Santa gift. They are wallet sized photoholders that close with a matchbook closure. It was a really quick project - I just made 3 in an hour and a half. I am giving all three to the same person, so she can have one to keep and two to give away (I happen to know that she just had holiday portraits taken). My thought here was that she will have one to enjoy and she can also give a nice handmade gift without having to do the work!

Supplies - makes 3

1 sheet pattern paper (Prima)
1 sheet card stock
3 sheets of baseball card protectors
Embellishments(Prima): 3 flowers, 3 buttons, and flowers cut from another sheet of patterned paper


1- Cut pattern paper and card stock into 3 strips 4" wide

2- Cut baseball card protectors into 3 sections, two squares wide

3- Create folds in cardstock at 3", 3.25" and 7" and trim length to 7.675". In the binding fold poke 3 holes .675" from top and bottom.

4- Fold page protectors in half and poke holes .5" from top & bottom.

5- Using floss sew protectors into binding and knot on backside (will be hidden by outside paper).

6- Wrap pattern paper around outside & glue.

7- Create matchbook closure with 2 staples.

8- Add embellishments.

9- Repeat as necessary.

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