Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Challenge - Results

Earlier this month, I challenged myself to make some title pages for my albums. Well, after searching through piles of old pictures, and ordering a few more, I have completed two layouts. Now my family albums from the past two years finally have title pages!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mother/Daughter Cropping

This morning Daniela & I found some time to scrapbook together... well, it started out with both of us working, but in order to keep Cameron from wrecking her project I had to run interference. She did a great job working with mostly verbal directions.

Daniela was working on the most recent challenge from the Kids Can Scrap blog - a monochromatic layout. It was a great teaching opportunity and she really likes to see it "on the computer" (when I show her where it is on the KCS blog).

Here are some of the "Scrapbooking Lessons" from this morning:

1 - We discussed the word "monochromatic" - it's pronunciation and it's meaning

2 - Then she chose a color and found matching the accents & letters. (We changed colors from purple because "there were not enough things to use" - her words)

3- We did a "letter hunt" to find all of the letters for the title
Letter Hunt - I called a letter from where Cameron & I were playing, and she found it on the sticker sheet & added it to the page.

4- She got to practice with punches, scissors, glue & the stapler

5- She added her handwriting to the page (good practice, but a nice keepsake too)

Here is her final product (using a picture she took):

Have fun scrapping with your kids!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Design Team Assignment #2

So, after a brief break from scrapbooking to prepare for & execute the big birthday week, I am getting back down to business! Today I completed some more design team work, you can see it in person at the Scrapbook Cupboard.

Here is your sneak peek...

Lots of cute little animals from the new Die Cuts with a View "Green Stack":

Spring Flowers from Karen Foster:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Challenge

Okay, I need some motivation. I have been so busy with my daughter's birthday, that I haven't really spent much time scrapbooking lately. So it is time to challenge myself again...

Challenge - Create Title Pages for Albums!

I don't create chronologically most of the time, but I do organize my albums chronologically. I am usually busy creating specific pages, so I don't always stop and look at the big picture... which is exactly what the Title Page is for. Most of my albums don't have a title page right now. So my task this month is to stop and look back through my photos to create title pages that summarize the album. Whether it is our trip to Disney World, Cameron's Baby Book, or our family album for 2008, I am going to make a title page!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Challenge - Results

February Challenge Results: So far I have completed 4 layouts with old photos & I have several more in the works.

Layout #1 - I See You!
Old Pictures & no new supplies

Layout #2 - Project Hat
Old Pictures with some new supplies & some old

Layout #3 - Summer Activities 2008
no extra credit here :) - Old Pictures & almost all new supplies

Layout #4 - Cameron in the jumper
Old Pictures & a class layout that had been photo-less