Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mother/Daughter Cropping

This morning Daniela & I found some time to scrapbook together... well, it started out with both of us working, but in order to keep Cameron from wrecking her project I had to run interference. She did a great job working with mostly verbal directions.

Daniela was working on the most recent challenge from the Kids Can Scrap blog - a monochromatic layout. It was a great teaching opportunity and she really likes to see it "on the computer" (when I show her where it is on the KCS blog).

Here are some of the "Scrapbooking Lessons" from this morning:

1 - We discussed the word "monochromatic" - it's pronunciation and it's meaning

2 - Then she chose a color and found matching the accents & letters. (We changed colors from purple because "there were not enough things to use" - her words)

3- We did a "letter hunt" to find all of the letters for the title
Letter Hunt - I called a letter from where Cameron & I were playing, and she found it on the sticker sheet & added it to the page.

4- She got to practice with punches, scissors, glue & the stapler

5- She added her handwriting to the page (good practice, but a nice keepsake too)

Here is her final product (using a picture she took):

Have fun scrapping with your kids!

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