Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Proof of the Progress - 2007 Disney Album, Part 1

So the past few days have been "Planning Days". Sometimes in my head. Sometimes on paper. But either way I have a few projects going, but not a lot to show for it. I like the flexibility of planning days because I can plan anywhere. So for three days I have had my scrapbook table clean and I have just been drawing/sketching on the back of paper while I wait to pick up at preschool or watch swimming lessons.

Here is a sample of my "creative process" for my latest project:

1. Identify a project --- 2007 Disney Vacation 12" x 12" album

2. Determine a deadline (real or arbitrary) and be realistic ---

Complete by 12/5/08

3. Decide on a design/design theme --- Mostly double pages with unified theme. Pages will have same layout style but varying color schemes to match photos/embellishments. Sticker letter titles and handwritten journaling. This is usually the hardest part... but I can do it just about anywhere. I drew these sketches on the back of a handout while watching swimming lessons.

4. Sort and order photos --- Look through pictures and assign where they will be used (I like to draw simple pictures of my layouts to identify where the photos are going). Order/print photos.

5. Organize memorabilia --- Decide what brochures, tickets, etc will be used and how they fit in. If necessary create a pocket page in the back of the album.

6a. Shop my stash --- I have been stashing things for this project for a long time (before we went on the trip!) and I have a already put them in a separate place.

6b. Go shopping --- if missing anything or if I run out of something (I might have to get more adhesive for this one as there are a lot of pages)

7. Make page kits --- match supplies to photos and memorabilia and make "kits". This is more portable than doing it page by page. I usually take one day to pull out all of the supplies and make kits. Then I can scrap whenever & where ever (good for crops or when I don't want the kids in my stuff!) This is my job for tomorrow!

8. Assemble pages --- Even if I don't have the photos yet, I can start the pages because I know what the photo is and how big it is going to be. I don't necessarily work in order, but since I have a sketch of all of the pages it doesn't matter.

9. Complete the album --- wouldn't that be nice! Since I like to have a million things going at once I tend to skip this step and move on to something else...LOL!

And there you have it... that is my creative process... I guess there is some proof now, even if I don't have a completed page to show.

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