Saturday, November 15, 2008


It is a journaling night... what a mess!

I work hard to keep records of all of the kids' milestones and other important occurances, but I am not the most organized person when it comes to this. Okay, I am not all that organized in general - especially when it comes to paper (memorabilia, junk mail, kids art projects & bills are comingled everywhere!). So when it comes time to sit down and type up my journaling for some layouts I find myself searching all over the house for pad, notebook, or scrap I wrote my notes on.

In addition to handwritten notes, I keep track of some dates/milestones by captioning pictures in my online albums and on my (other) blog. So once I find my notes, I sit at the computer and search for the missing information. These two "modern" methods are making things a little easier, as I tend to record things more as they happen, but searching for "the day Cameron got tooth #3" can take a while if I don't know approximately when it happened! But at least it is there.

I think I have finally rounded up all of the info for "Cameron's First Year" layout... now to type it up. Then I have to pull out Daniela's baby book and see if have records of all of the same "major milestones" for Cameron. I know, trying to do the same thig for both kids is crazy - but that's what I am going to try to do :)

Time to get to work!

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