Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Challenge

In case you weren't following along, here are the challenges I have given myself since the first of the year...

January - use up some Valentine's Supplies by actually making a page for Valentine's 2009 and making at least one non-Valentine's layout using Valentine's Papers.
~ not done, but I did take pictures

February - Use the pictures that have been sitting around to create layouts.
~ did 4 layouts!

March - Make title pages for yearly albums, baby & Disney
~ did 2 title pages

April - Color Challenge: Fancy Nancy (pink, orange, yellow, purple w/ frills)
~ not done - but I have been collecting supplies

May - Catch up on Birthday layouts for both kids
~ not done - but I have made some kits

... so, if I haven't done 3 of the 5 challenges, why bother with one for June?

Well, because challenges get me thinking about something I want to work on and am inspired by. I don't always get to them right away, but sometimes it is the thought that counts! So with that, here is my June Challenge...

Create layouts about the technology in my life.

Lately I have seen cool layouts in magazines using Facebook status updates and using a "screen shot" to make a page about blogging, etc. So, since those are major parts of my everyday life, I think they should be captured in my scrapbook for future generations to see. Perhaps someday my grandchildren will laugh at how primitive technology was "way back in 2009"...

And stay tuned, if I get all of my class materials and teacher gifts created, I might just get to one of those old challenges...

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