Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mommy & Me Valentines

It's that time of the year. Time to decide, to make or to buy? The choice - make. Buying character valentines might have seemed easier, however, after taking a look, I don't think Daniela (nearly 4) could have written her name small enough to fit on the cards, nevermind writing the names of her classmates.

This evening we got down to business and made 18 valentines for the school party tomorrow - nothing like last minute pressure! I did the prep work in advance, so Daniela could help with as many tasks as possible.

The design criteria:

1- enough supplies on hand to make 18 cards exactly the same (don't want any hurt feelings at school)

2- large enough space for preschooler to write her name and recipient's name

3- use her favorite things - glitter, stamps, punches, brads (she calls them "nails")

4- take under 2 hours to make (including her writing the names)

I was able to come up with a design that she could really help with. She did the stamping, names, punching the "Happy Valentines Day" circles, bending the tips of the brads, rounding the corners, gluing the front elements on and applying the glitter stickers. She is quite proud and wanted to stay up even later to do more :)

On the front: wrap around of the striped strip, a die cut heart glued to a circle with a brad through it, and a punched circle with "Happy Valentine's Day".

On the back: stamping "to" & "from", plenty of space to write the names, a striped strip across the middle and a glitter heart sticker.

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Danielle said...

Those look awesome!